About us

Interartists Amsterdam is a well-established agency, which has a long history of collaboration with the most excellent artists of the world. Our strength lies in the connection that we share with our artists and our devotion to their careers development.  We are deeply committed to promote classical musicians around the world and, above all, to promote classical music on the highest level of artistry. As a classical music management, Interartists Amsterdam enjoys an outstanding reputation since many years. To artists, we offer great opportunities at every stage of their careers thanks to our broad professional network; to the audiences, we offer classical music experiences of the highest standards performed by world-renowned musicians. With our passion for music and musicians we strive to give promoters, artists and the public, the very best service possible. 

Mrs Leontien van der Vliet               +31 65 24 68 707
Mr Hylke van Lingen                         +31 611 711 720 
Mrs Rozemarijn Tiben
About us
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