Dezsö Ranki & Edit Klukon N

Piano duo

Edit Klukon and Dezső Ránki started performing together in 1985. Both pianists became very interested in the wonderful world of the piano repertory written by the greatest composers for piano four-hands and two pianos.

They have most notably performed in the following cities: Salzburg, Torino, Milan, Munich, Paris, London, Lisbon, Las Palmas and Sao Paolo. And festivals such as Lucerne, Roque d'Anthéron, La Folle Journée in Nantes, Tokyo, Bilbao. Works by Satie and Liszt are featured on their latest CD recording on BMC records.

Two of their most interesting productions were Liszt’s unpublished two-piano version of his own Faust-symphony and Liszt’s transcription of Beethoven’s Symphony Nr. 9 for two pianos.

The Faust-Symphonie in the version for 2 pianos (1856) is 65 minutes long and it has 3 movements:
I. Faust
II. Gretchen
III. Mephistopheles

There are four remaining complete versions of the Faust-Symphony by Liszt: first orchestral version from 1854; transcription for 2 pianos of this from 1856; second and final version for orchestra made in 1861, and an arrangement for 2 pianos of the latter, made in 1863.
Liszt himself was probably not satisfied with the first orchestration, that's why he made a second orchestral version. The last 2 piano version from 1963 is clearly a simplified arrangement, probably to make the piece more popular. Therefore we came back to the earlier two piano version made in 1856, as it is a marvellously written transcription, using all the possibilities of the two pianos acoustically and technically too, giving back excellently the orchestral text in it's versatility. It also keeps some interesting elements of the 1. orchestra version, for instance the asymmetric, thus more agitated rhythm of the main theme in the first movement.
The present transcription for 2 pianos from 1856 was never published, the manuscript is in Weimar, and Géza Gémesi, Hungarian composer and conductor edited the score for us with great care.

(it is possible to play the Faust-Symphony alone, or with a short first half, for instance with works of Dukay and Debussy)


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