Hylke van Lingen

Hylke comes from a musical background. His stepfather was a violin teacher using the Suzuki method and his mother, father and stepmother are great lovers of classical and jazz music. Hylke started playing violin at the age of four. When he turned seven he switched to playing cello as he does ever since.

Hylke studied conducting (orchestra) and musicology. He wrote his master thesis about the quotations and allusions in Shostakovich’s Eighth String Quartet. After his studies he worked as freelance musicologist, for example he did the research for the second edition of the book about the Dutch music history in the twentieth century by Leo Samama, published by the Amsterdam University Press.

Hylke joined Interartists Amsterdam in 2009, becoming co-owner in 2019.

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Hylke van Lingen
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