Storioni Trio *

Piano trio / quartet

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“First and foremost, musicians.”

Bart van de Roer piano
Wouter Vossen violin
Marc Vossen cello

For over two decades, the Storioni Trio revels in the joys of musical collaboration as one of the world’s leading piano trios. Two brothers who performed together from earliest childhood and their pianist soul-mate form a threesome whose musical adventures celebrate unique chemistry and the confidence to bring audiences to new levels of discovery. Combining the strength of their individual accomplishment as soloists, pedagogues and orchestral leaders to the chamber music front, the Storioni Trio welcomes an international audience to discovery their unique quality.

The Triple Concerto specialists

With triple concertos at the heart of their far-reaching repertoire, the Storioni Trio moves beyond technical fluency to embrace this genre. While many dismiss Beethoven’s Triple Concerto as an awkward composition that is difficult to perform, the Storioni Trio is justifiably proud of their approach to this masterwork. “Its exceptional balance displays Beethoven’s uncanny perception of how to create for three solo voices and his creative approach to repeated thematic material.”
Spontaneity is the hallmark of every performance and the trio’s freedom to let go is based on a thorough understanding of the score. “A triple concerto performance gives the audience a special gift: three soloists expressing one unified work. To find the balance between individual virtuosity and collective unity challenges us to open new doors. The audience is treated to something of a spectacle: three soloists, one performance.”

Beethoven at the core

“Beethoven gives us the chance to reinvent ourselves as individual musicians and as a trio as he always dares us to confront ourselves.”
Since starting their Beethoven adventures under the watchful guidance of no less a light than Menachem Pressler almost two decades ago, the Storioni Trio has found their own voice, their own move forward to recreate color and drama within the tools of Beethoven’s art. The Storioni Trio’s experience with performing the Beethoven Triple Concerto as a cornerstone has paved the way to free move forward and perform less-familiar masterpieces. In the 1930s, Alfredo Casella’s Triple Concerto Op. 56 and Martinu’s Concerto were created; both wonderful compositions that deserve a warm welcome from music lovers the world over. And, beyond the realm of triple concertos, the Storioni Trio delights in a vast repertoire of piano trios beginning with the 43 Haydn gems reaching through the great Romantic era to cutting-edge 21st century works.

The Storioni Trio stands behind a mission to bring new music to the forefront. “The rich repertoire for the piano trio starting with no less than Haydn piano trios expands with new and exciting works, exemplified by one of our present favorites, Pēteris Vasks Plainscapes. If we hear music that attracts us: we contact the composer.” The international adventures for the Storioni Trio continues with commissions by the Polish composer Penderecki, the Finnish Kalevi Aho, the Australian Brett Dean, the American David Lang. Dutch composer Theo Loevendie who has gained a considerable following with his jazzy oeuvre will write a piece for the two-stringed Chinese erhu and piano trio for the Storioni’s in the near future.

Storioni & Friends

The Storioni Trio has grown a family initiative: concerts with a great community of like-minded performers who not only share in our vision of live musical performance-for-all but also believe in using music to cross boundaries. The Storioni Trio is moving forward to consider a more social space, a meaningful place for the musical story hidden behind the notes of music young and old.

The Storioni Festival: a center for development and change

“Our festival is a gift that gives us the time, place and space to develop with other artists, and the luxury to really get to know our audience. We believe that the public should not be separate from the art. It’s all about experience…at the Festival we open the door, we take out our instruments and at the end of the ride we ask the public: how did you like what you heard, what you felt.”


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